The antistatic clothing is often used in such industries as biological engineering, medicine, R&D, semiconductor and other enterprises which have higher requirements for cleanliness and low dust content at the production site.

The fabric of antistatic clothing is generally made of synthetic fiber fabric of weaved conductive filament. Although the fiber is clean and hard to be polluted, keep it clean is important. So washing fabric is a must. If normal washing method is adopted, the fabric will be rather polluted. Therefore, a special washing method shall be adopted. From the management aspect, the clean clothing must also be washed and packaged in clean room.

Generally, the clean clothing must be washed at least once a week, even once every day for some demanding jobs.

If the clean clothing is washed in ordinary room, it may be attached with dust and bacteria as well as contaminated by cleaning agent. In addition, the clothing may be attached with dust and microorganisms during its packing and handling process.

The cleaning of antistatic clothing is generally completed by professional cleaning company. Pay attention to the following matters during the cleaning process in clean room:

(1) The new clean clothing can be directly washed; if there are oil stains on recycled clothing, carefully remove the stains before entering the washing procedure.

(2) Check whether there are scratches and damages to buckles and other accessories before washing, and repair, replace or scrap the defected ones.

(3) Clean, dry and pack the clean clothing in clean room which is much more clean than the room where the clean clothing is used.

(4) The water for wet type and dry type washing shall be filtered, and solvent after distillation shall be filtered by filter membrane with the hole diameter less than 0.2μm at the using point. The water or solvent shall be filtered for more than once according to needs.

(5) In order to remove water-soluble contaminants, wash with solvent after washing with water to remove oil contaminants.

(6) Water temperature for wet washing is as follows: Polyester cloth: 60-70°C (maximum 70°C); nylon 50-55°C (maximum 60°C).

(7) Work clothes with buckles should be washed under buckling condition.

(8) Dry the clothes in clean air circulation system special for washing.

After drying, pack the clothes in the clean room special for washing into a clean polyester bag or bone pocket; adopt double-layer package or vacuum encapsulation according to requirements. The packaging material should choose materials with good antistatic property. As the folding process is most prone to produce dust, it shall be conducted in a highly clean room.