Antistatic shoes are used in production workshops and senior labs of electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computer, electronic communication equipment, integrated circuit and other microelectronics industries to reduce or eliminate electrostatic hazards.

The industrial safety voltage stipulated is 36V and safety current is 10mA. The harm degree of electric shock to human body mainly depends on the current quantity and conduction time on human body. The larger the current is, the greater the damage to human body. Through the study of electric shock physiology, the sensory current for adult male is 1.1mA on average, and 0.7mA for adult female; and the let-go current for adult male is 16mA on average, and 10.5mA for adult female. When the shock current is greater than let-go current, the people who get an electric shock cannot get rid of the power automatically. Without outside help, it will extend the time of electric shock and cause death. Hands and feet are most prone to be damaged by passing current.

Antistatic shoes can both eliminate the accumulation of static electricity on human body and prevent the electric shock of power below 250V. The conductive shoes have favorable electrical conductivity and can eliminate static electricity on human body within a short time; they can only be used in workplaces without electric shock dangers. Insulated shoes can insulate people's feet with the charged objects, to prevent from electric shock damages.