It sounds simple and obvious to clean printed materials with ion fan, but how do you use it exactly?

Over the past few years, the advantages brought by contact-type cleaning technology to the label printing industry are widely introduced. This innovative cleaning method is first developed for the electronics industry, and is now selected and used by major printing equipment manufacturers and label printing enterprises in the world to integrate the equipment into their manufacturing system.

Use the dust-removal and antistatic polymer clearer of ion fan to clean the printed materials. The clearer cleans the dry and independent pollutants on the printed material and transfer them to the unique reverse winding sticker of the dust-removal and antistatic cleaning system. When the sticker is full of pollutants, replace the sticker to continue cleaning without interrupting the printing production. The cleaning technology of dust-removal and antistatic cleaning system can remove the pollutants as small as 2μm on the surface of printed materials.