Recently, many areas in northernChinaare dry owing to lack of rain for a long time. Meteorological experts inAnshan,Liaoningprompt that frequent static electricity is easy to cause adverse effect to human body in dry weather and people should be more careful.

The experts said that the rainfall is less recently and the whole province is almost dominated by sunny days. Currently, the air humidity inAnshanis only between 30% and 40% during the day, so the air is very dry. In general, there are two main conditions for the generation of static electricity on human body. If the air humidity is lower than 30%, static electricity is easy to be produced by friction.

Experts reminds that static electricity can cause a reduction of progestational hormone level in pregnant women, which may cause miscarriage or premature birth; lasting static electricity can increase the PH value of human blood, reduce the blood calcium and increase the calcium excretion in urine; also, static electricity can make people feel tired, upset and headache. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper measures to handle it. The simplest method is to increase the air humidity to above 45%, such as sprinkling water, storing water, or use a humidifier at home to increase the air humidity. Then it will be more difficult to produce static electricity. In addition, taking showers, changing clothes, and avoiding wearing chemical fiber clothes are also good methods to prevent from producing static electricity.