Ion wind curtain machine is a kind of efficient and wide-range electrostatic

eliminator designed to solve the electrostatic problems in harsh industrial environments. The airflow covers a large area to effectively reduce the accumulation of stubborn charges in the production process, such as cutting, bending, transportation and packaging process of plastic parts.

Matters needing attention in using ion wind curtain machine:

1. Using environment: ① Ambient temperature: -10~+40℃; ② Relative humidity:


2. The socket connecting with ion wind curtain machine shall be reliably


3. Select proper wire and switch by a professional electrician according to

the input power of the machine before installation.

4. The machine shall be installed in a firm place to prevent from running

vibration and ensure its safety. The machine shall be installed indoor.

5. Do not install the ion wind curtain machine in places with high

temperature, high humidity, explosive gas or corrosive substances.

6. If the door is wider than the ion wind curtain machine, it can be

installed by combining several units, with a distance of 20-50mm between two units.