Weihan, a manufacturer of ion wind gun, answers the question of how to solve the pollution problem of compressed air of ion wind gun.

Ion wind gun is a manual mobile electrostatic eliminator that is mostly used in conventional environment. It is used in products or accessories to reduce the dust adsorbed by static electricity by blowing ion airflow to the product surface to quickly neutralize the static electricity on product surface. As the compressed air supplied by the compressor is only filtered by primary filter and flows directly to the product after dry processing. After a long time, if the filter hasn't been maintained or replaces its filter screen and filter core, the viscous oil polluted air can appear, which pollutes the air directly. This is caused by aging of compressor after working for a long time, blockage of filter screen, and vaporization of oil after being heated. Therefore, the compressor shall be timely maintained, the filter screen and filter core shall be replaced, and the air shall be dried, so as to solve the pollution problem of compressed air.