1. Ion wind curtain machine is an ion eliminator with large air volume and wide range. It neutralizes fast, covers a large area, and particularly suitable for hanging at the inlet and outlet of workshop to eliminate the static electricity on human body and objects. Its large air volume can eliminate the static electricity within 3 m.

2. Ion wind curtain is a kind of efficient and wide-range electrostatic eliminator designed to solve the electrostatic problems in harsh industrial environments. The airflow covers a large area to effectively reduce the accumulation of stubborn charges in the production process, such as cutting, bending, transportation and packaging process of plastic parts.

The ion wind curtain machine is light and can be used for a long time. It adopts air-conditioning type structure to be directly mounted with fixed support. Fix the machine with torx screw of M8 after alignment before use. If the environment is very dirty, choose to install a filter.

The ion wind curtain requires the operating voltage of 220.50HZ, and the grounding socket of fan shall be single-phase with safety grounding wire.

The ion wind curtain produces ion wind beam to cover the target area, and the decay time of wind beam depends on many factors. Two most important reasons are distance and wind velocity of electrostatic dust removal machine for human body. The air keeps neutralizing with ions, where the positive ions attach with negative ions to transfer and restructure charges. The high wind velocity can make them neutralize at a larger distance. The greater the wind velocity is, the faster the static electricity being neutralized.