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    Desk-type DC ion fan

    • Product Name:Desk-type DC ion fan
      Product Model:WH-5500A
      Product Feature:Quick and concentrated neutralization of static electricity; small, delicate and easy to operate
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    Product Description

    WH-5500A desk-type DC ion fan: Its circuit adopts internationally advanced closed-loop control series, to automatically control the quantity of positive and negative ions according to the voltage of sensor (iron net) at the fan outlet, so as to guarantee the ion fan has good ion balance and wide temperature and humidity range. (Machine length can be customized according to requirements) WH-5500A desk-typeDC ion fan neutralizes the static electricity on the surface of eliminated object by increasing the positive and negative ion quantity in air, so as to achieve the goal of preventing and eliminating electrostatic hazards. The antistatic series of ion products all adopt humanized design, making them easy to operate and maintain.

    Technical Parameters
    Operating voltage 110v/60hzor220V/50HZ
    Ccrrent consumption 0.08Aor0.04A
    Operating temperature 0---50℃
    Overall dimensions 150mm(L)*75mm(W)*180mm(H)
    Weight 1.3kg  
    Air volume 45---110CFM   
    Residual voltage 0V±5v
    Air flow area 30*30*60cm
    Testing Result
    Testing conditions

    Operating voltage:110/220V

    Testing voltage:±1Kvto100V

    Environment temperature :22℃ ±3    Environmental humidity :≤65%RH

    Distance 300mm  600mm900mm
    Offset time Positve 1.1s 2.3s
    Negative 1.0s 2.3s  
    Residual voltage Positve 5V 3V  
    Negative 5V 4V  
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