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    Four-head desk-type ion fan

    • Product Name:Four-head desk-type ion fan
      Product Model:WH-5804
      Product Feature:Continuous stepless speed adjustment; ion generation indicator; ion probe cleaning brush; can add a hot-wind device.
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    Product Description

    WH-5804 four-head desk-type ion fan is equipped with four small fans to supply wind, which is adjustable within a great range by speed-control switch. The fan can produce large amount of airflow with positive and negative charges to neutralize the charges on objects. If the charges on object are negative, they will attract the positive charges in airflow; if the charges on object are positive, they will attract the negative charges in airflow, so as to neutralize the static electricity on object surface to achieve the purpose of electrostatic elimination.WH-5804 four-head desk-type ion fan can be used as desktop type or suspension type. (Machine length can be customized according to requirements)

    Technical Parameters
    Operating voltage 110v/60hzor220V/50HZ
    Ccrrent consumption 0.9Aor0.4A
    Operating temperature 0---50℃
    Overall dimensions 1100mm(L)*90mm(W)*170mm(H)
    Weight 12kg  
    Air volume 180---440CFM   
    Residual voltage 0V±10v
    Air flow area 20*40*120cm
    Testing Result
    Testing conditions

    Operating voltage:110/220V

    Testing voltage:±1Kvto100V

    Environment temperature :22℃ ±3    Environmental humidity :≤65%RH

    Distance300mm600mm  900mm1200mm
    Left 300mm 1.8s 2.4s 5.0s8.5s
    Center 300mm 1.2s 2.2s4.2s8.2s
    Right 300mm 1.7s 2.5s 4.7s8.4s

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