Adding low-resistant copper fiber to the antistatic gloves is a method of releasing the electrostatic charges on human body. These antistatic gloves can also be called antistatic copper fiber gloves.

Antistatic copper fiber gloves are woven with elastic nylon, copper conductive fiber and imported PU. The long fiber polyester nylon is woven into the copper conductive fiber to prevent the gloves from attaching to the skin. The nylon palm is attached to a poly acid resin layer, and the fingers are in circle, to prevent the fingertips from generating pressure during working. The antistatic copper fiber gloves can inhibit static electricity and prevent tiny dusts from being produced below the charged potential, so as to keep a clean and comfortable working environment. The PU coating at the fingertips of gloves can effectively prevent slippery and leakage, making work more easy and comfortable.

The circular rubber besides the fingertips of antistatic copper fiber gloves can resist the pressure of fingers and has strong permeability, without feeling stuffy after long time of work.

They can be widely used in low current and precision instruments assembly, product inspection and other workplaces requiring fingertips operation; and the inspection engineering of electronic industry and various research institutions, and other relevant clean room. The fingertips should have good anti-slip effect, suitable for fine operation.

The gloves have good air permeability and sensitive touch of fingertips, are not easy to produce dust and static electricity and suitable for clean room operation.