In the production workshop of semiconductor devices, the yield of super-large integrated circuits can be significantly reduces owing to dust adsorption on a chip. All operators in the production workshop must wear clean work clothes. If the human body has static electricity, the dust and dirt, etc. can be easily adsorbed. If these dust and dirt are taken to the operation site, they will affect the product quality, degrade product performance and significantly reduce the product yield. If the radius of dust particles adsorbed is greater than xxx, the line width is about xxx and the membrane thickness is under xxx, the product is most likely to be scrapped.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish an electrostatic protection system in the processing and packaging process of IC and the IC packaging production line has more stringent requirements to static electricity. In order to guarantee the normal operation of production line, in addition to adopting antistatic building materials in the clean workshop and requiring all personals in and out of the clean workshop equipped with antistatic clothing and other hardware measures, the packaging enterprises can develop specific antistatic standards or requirements according to the relevant national standards and the enterprise's actual conditions to cooperate with the normal operation of packaging production line.

Because there are various both dust-removal and static-elimination equipment, how to choose the proper equipment shall depend on the conditions on the production line. The following content described several both dust-removal and static-elimination equipment:

1. Ion fan gun: It is a hand-held equipment, easy to operate and suitable for inspection area. Wherever there is dust, inspectors can use the gun to blow it away.

2. Ion tuyere: It is a fixed type product with small size, more suitable for installing on the assembly line or some narrow stations. It also can be made to be pedal type or induction type.

3. Ion fan serpent: There are three different types: normal type, induction type and pedal type, to satisfy the needs of different environments at customers' production site. It is suitable for stations with large space, without operators and requiring regular adjustment of blowing directions.

In addition to above equipment, ion fans should also be installed in some assembly lines and operation stations, so as to decrease the accumulation of static electricity and avoid products from being broke down unconsciously. The hang-type ion fan can be chosen according to the size of work bench or width of assembly line, which can eliminate large areas of static electricity and doesn't occupy work space.