Antistatic ion wind serpent is always used in electronic assembly line, medical device manufacturing and packaging, semiconductor production, as well as manufacturing, and packaging and injection molding production of flat panel display. Ion wind serpent is a precise and sensitive HV antistatic equipment. When meeting the use conditions, it can be used for 10000-16000 hours under normal use. The ion wind serpent discharges and ionizes the static electricity in the air through the high voltage supplied by the HV power supply. The HV generator will have many aging problems after being used for a long time, mainly including: weakened HV voltage or unstable voltage, leading to unable to reach normal antistatic effect.

If the equipment is used after the service period, some HV power cords will be aged, resulting in leakage risks. After the service period, HV generator will appear the phenomenon of oxidation, resulting in leakage, short circuit, rust, sparking and other problems inside the power. After the service period, the discharge head of ion wind serpent is prone to sparking of ion probe, leaking and shorting, therefore causing safety hidden troubles. After the service period, the ion wind serpent will have imbalanced positive and negative ions, incompletely eliminate static electricity, and fail to reach the normal antistatic functions.