As the weather becomes colder, people are often troubled by static electricity. Static electricity hurts the human body in many ways, rather than just a pain at one blow. If the static electricity is not discharged timely, it will accumulate in human body and can affect the normal conduction of cranial nerve cell membrane potential after reaching a certain amount, causing negative effect on people's physiology and psychology. Lasting static electricity can make people feel fatigue, dizzy and headachy, cough, loss of vision and get other syndromes. Relevant data shows that the odds of arrhythmia, heart and cerebral vessels diseases, skin diseases, etc. in winter increase greatly, 35% of which is caused by static electricity.

It is suggested to choose pure cotton fabrics for clothing and household decorations, try to avoid using fiber carpets and plastic furniture, so as to prevent from triboelectrification.

Also, try to keep away from such electric appliances as TV sets and refrigerators to prevent from induced electrification.

Use antistatic detergent for washing clothes.

Avoid to stay indoors or workshop with many computers for a long time, try to do some outdoor activities.

The room should be ventilated, mopped and watered frequently, or breed aquarium fishes and put some potted flowers and plants indoor, or use a humidifier indoor to increase indoor humidity if possible, to maintain the indoor air humidity at about 50%.

Use moisturizing skin care products, take bathes and change clothes frequently, so as to effectively eliminate the accumulation of charges and charged dust on human body.

Eat more carrots, cabbages, tomatoes, bananas, apples, kiwi fruit and other fruits containing a lot of vitamin C. Trichiurus haumelas and soft-shelled turtles can increase the elasticity and moisture retention of skin, providing good antistatic functions.

The discharging measures include:

Timely wash hands and face after watching TV or using computer to discharge the electrostatic charges on skin in water.

Walk barefoot indoor to touch the ground directly.

Before touching door handles, taps and other electrical conductors, touch the wall first, or touch the conductor with nails, rub both hands, or wipe hands on wet towels first to quickly discharge the static electricity accumulated on human body.