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    Integral ion wind serpent

    • Product Name:Integral ion wind serpent
      Product Model:WH-3000BS
      Product Feature:The wind serpent can change showering direction freely; it controls wind blowing automatically through photoelectrical sensor; and neutralizes static elec...
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    Product Description

    WH-3000BS integral ion wind serpent is a new type of equipment dedicated for electrostatic elimination; its coiler can be deformed manually to make the nozzle point at the target direction and make ion airflow blow to the target surface directly. The built-in HV generator integrates with machine body to be placed in various working areas directly. The external airflow controller (throttle valve) controls the airflow quantity, and enjoys easy to install, working stably, powerful wind velocity, quick electrostatic elimination and other features. It can equip a pedal switch.

    Technical Parameters
    Operating voltage 4600V
    Ccrrent consumption 500UA
    Operating temperature 0---50℃
    Air pressure 40---70psi
    HV cable length 530MMeters(Can be lengthened as required )
    Operating air velocity 10 m/s
    Ion balance 0V±30v
    Air consumption 10 liters/min
    Testing Result
    Testing conditions

    Operating voltage:110/220V

    Testing voltage:±1Kvto100V

    Environment temperature :22℃ ±3    Environmental humidity :≤65%RH

    Distance 50mm  100mm150mm
    Offset time Positve 0.8s 1.1s 2.0s
    Negative 0.9s 1.3s 2.2s
    Residual voltage Positve -25V -20V -15V
    Negative -27V -23V -18V
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