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    Platoon type ion tuyere

    • Product Name:Platoon type ion tuyere
      Product Model:WH-2000F
      Product Feature:Quick neutralization of static electricity; long service life; small and convenient; fixed type installation; easy to match with automatic control system....
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    Product Description

    WH-2000F platoon-type ion tuyere is a type of elongated efficient elimination device. It generates large amount of positive and negative ions through HV airflow ion generation device, which are blown to the area to be eliminated to neutralize the electrostatic charges on object's surface, and the high-speed ion airflow can blow away the dust particles attracted by static electricity and prevent the surface from attracting dust particles again. (It shall be used together with SHUN GUAN's professional HV generator)

    Technical Parameters
    Operating voltage 4600V
    Ccrrent consumption 230UA
    Operating temperature 0---50℃
    Air pressure40---80psi
    Operating air velocity 10 m/s
    Testing Result
    Testing conditions

    Operating voltage:110/220V

    Testing voltage:±1Kvto100V

    Environment temperature :22℃ ±3    Environmental humidity :≤65%RH

    300mm600mm 900mm
    Offset time Positve 0.5s 1.0s 1.9s
    Negative 0.6s 1.1s 2.0s
    Residual voltage Positve -28V -21V -18V
    Negative-30V -25V-17V
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