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    Stainless steel ion wind bar

    • Product Name:Stainless steel ion wind bar
      Product Model:WH-8600C
      Product Feature:Solid shell, easy to install; strong wind; quick electrostatic elimination; suitable for various harsh industrial environments.
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    Product Description

    WH-2000AS ion tuyere is additionally equipped with a photoelectrical sensing controller; it controls the blowing through a special photoelectrical sensor. When the distance between object and ion wind serpent is within 300mm (the distance can be adjusted from 10 to 30cm), the ion tuyere will start immediately to eliminate the stubborn dust particles on objects and eliminate the static electricity on the objects at the same time.

    Technical Parameters
    Operating voltage 5600V
    Ccrrent consumption 230UA
    Operating temperature 0---50℃
    Length 100-200mm
    Air pressure 0.4-0.8mpa
    Air consumption 7m3/sec
    Environmental humidity 55% ±5
    Explosion-proof grade Not explosion-proof
    Ozone amount 0.03PPM
    Residual voltage ±35
    Testing Result
    Testing conditions

    Operating voltage:110/220V

    Testing voltage:±1Kvto100V

    Environment temperature :22℃ ±3    Environmental humidity :≤65%RH

    Distance  100mm300mm600mm
    Offset time Positve 0.6s 1.0s 2.0s
    Negative 0.8s 1.3s 2.1s
    Residual voltage Positve -32V -29V -23V
    Negative -35V -32V -25V
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