Environmental cleanliness has different requirements. The latest foreign technology has achieved the Class 1 of environmental cleanliness (that is, no more than 1 dust particle greater than 0.3 micron in a cubic meter of space). This requires the clothes of operators should not only be antistatic, but also be dust-proof and can effectively prevent the tiny dusts produced by metabolism of human body passing through the clothes to the clean environment. This technology is attributed to the application of ultra-clean antistatic fabrics.

Since most enterprises are lack of professional knowledge about antistatic clothing, it is easy to choose inappropriate fabrics, resulting in damaged product quality or even bringing in casualties. Therefore, it can be said that "choosing appropriate antistatic fabrics is a matter of life and death".

I. First, we should understand what is antistatic clothing? Clothes made of antistatic processed fabrics can be referred to as antistatic clothing. The processing methods of antistatic fabrics usually are: (1) using antistatic finishing agent for fabric finishing; (2) blending and interweaving of fiber raft modification and hydrophilic fiber to improve the humidity of fabrics; (3) blending or embedded weaving of conductive fiber;

II. Information about simple ultra-clean antistatic fabric

1. The ultra-clean antistatic fabric is as comfortable as the ordinary antistatic fabric. However, we should know how to distinguish them.

Warp/weft density measurement: Use warp/weft pick glass to measure the warp/weft density of fabric and make comparison.

Resistance measurement: Use surface resistance meter to measure the warp/weft resistance of fabric and make comparison.

2. Why the ultra-clean antistatic clothing is a better choice than the ordinary antistatic clothing? The ultra-clean antistatic fabric has the following three features, which are important differences with the ordinary antistatic fabric.

Efficient antistatic function: Static electricity can absorb dust, which is not easy to blow away during showering. Therefore, the primary feature of antistatic ultra-clean fabric is antistatic property. Also, the antistatic property is lasting and efficient and will not decrease significantly for daily washing and friction.

The fabric doesn't generate dust, attach dust, has good barrier property, high density, high strength, and can effectively sterilize and inhibit bacterium;

The Fabric should have good dust filtration: The dust in clean room mainly comes from the flowing air and moving people indoor. When the equipment conditions are determined, improving cleanliness requires preventing the dusts from going to the air through the fabric.

III. Notes: Avoid contacting with oil, grease and hydrocarbon derivatives; avoid contacting with solvents containing ketene and oxidized acid and nitrogen organic matters; the fabric has weak mechanical strength. Avoid contacting with items containing ketene solvents and aromatic solvents.

Antistatic clothing is a necessary product. It is recommended that you should be careful in choosing good antistatic clothing. Use the antistatic clothing by combining with the antistatic common sense to meet your own needs. Ensure safe, reliable and healthy!